1. Documentary film

Une homage a Alde Gonda. Description; The woman behind the painter Harrie Bartels. Time approx. 50 Minutes.

2. Documentary film

Fiki automatique. Description; A dialog between the magic and the technique. Its a comedy for treasure hunters. Time approx. 50-60 minutes

3. Reality tv/film

Catharina de Braganza. Description; This is top-secret, but very special. Time approx 2,5 hours.

4. Film

movie, about the life from painter Harrie Bartels. Time approx 2 hours

5. Movie

The Dutch connections. Description; Looking back after 40 years from the little mountain… Genre Thriller / mobster movie / action movie and horror.


6. Entertainment


The story’s from the Fox off Reynarde anno 21 century , Description; Family and or childrens program, Time approx 10 hours.

7. Mother Earth

Worldwide music festival with support of great artists.


Kind regards,

Richard Hollands
Scenario writer


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