Dreammakers Factory operates under the name in the artworks of the respected and prominent Limburgish artist Harrie Bartels. Throughout his life, Harrie has created numerous artworks and paintings. He was even described by various fellow artists as the best Limburgish artist/painter of his generation. According to art critics, he is among the better artists of his generation in the Netherlands.

About Harrie Bartels Harrie Bartels (1936-2015) was born on February 10th in the Limburgish town of Tegelen. A true artist who flourished in the background with beautiful, eccentric, and idiosyncratic artworks. After his studies, he experimented extensively with various disciplines within art. Eventually, he chose to focus on pencil and brush.

In 1964, Harrie Bartels was among a select group of artists tasked with revitalizing the art scene in Maastricht. In Maastricht, he also served as one of the leaders of the art movement ‘Artisjok’. Harrie Bartels was a respected but quiet force in the art world. He preferred not to be in the spotlight, drawing inspiration mainly from his own surroundings until the late 1960s/early 1970s when he began to travel more frequently.

After being invited by a Moroccan café owner in Liège in 1969 to visit Morocco, a new world opened up for Harrie Bartels. The country would become a revelation for his work and also a great source of inspiration until the end of his life in 2015.

Would you like to know more about Harrie Bartels and his works? Read more on You can also participate in the auction for Harrie Bartels’ artworks if you wish to purchase a piece.

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