Butcher Workshop


At Dreammakers Factory, you can participate in a workshop to become a butcher. Our founder, Richard Hollands, has over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the butchery trade and masters all necessary disciplines within the meat industry. He is proficient in all forms within the meat sector. With a workshop from Dreammakers Factory, you are assured of quality and will learn everything you need to know as a butcher. The workshops are conducted at Studio Monart.


Learn about the butcher’s craft during a butchery course at Dreammakers Factory

For advice on meat, you can always reach out to us. As a butcher, Richard would personally visit farmers to select his own lambs and fully prepare them himself, ensuring he knew exactly what was being served. Richard has also prepared various meat dishes for many upscale restaurants. Today, Richard has retired as a butcher, but he still enjoys passing on his knowledge of meat and meat products to aspiring butchers or those interested in the craft.

Learn everything about meat at Dreammakers Factory

Our workshops are usually conducted with groups of 4 to 5 men, creating an interactive atmosphere. In an informal setting, you can learn all about the butcher’s trade. Additionally, at Dreammakers Factory, we have international contacts with various hunters, allowing us to regularly obtain different types of meat. This enables us to teach you how to prepare various types of meat during the workshop. The meat we acquire is also available for purchase. Are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.


At Dreammakers Factory, you can participate in an interactive and informal workshop of high quality, where you can learn more about the butcher’s trade. Would you like to join a workshop? You can reach us both by phone at 0031 625558832 or via info@dreammakersfactory.com and we will gladly schedule a suitable moment with you.

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